We are Sponsoring Brian Ebersole at UFC 140

December 9, 2011 - 8:19 PM

Buymmacards and it's members will be Sponsoring Brian Ebersole at UFC 140 Saturday, December 10th.    Our website will be featured on the Back Right leg of his Shorts.   It has been our goal and desire to support fighters from day one, and this is the first time that the members have come together in a group effort to support a fighter.     Each member who donated a minimum amount received an autographed photo of Brian Ebersole as well as put into a drawing for Brian's Fight worn gloves from his fight with Dennis Hallman.    

When I launched the site back in 2009,   I sponsored a few fighters out of my own pocket to solidify Buymmacards as the first and best MMA trading card site on the internet.   My goal was to attract crazy MMA fans who dabble in trading cards opposed to tailoring to cardboard collectors who dabble in MMA.   And it worked!!     Our members love MMA and our site is not just about silly pieces of Cardboard with ink on them.   Our members love the sport and come here often to shoot the breeze, talk about the next fight, and some put their expensive cards on the line to bet on their favorite fighter.  We now have over 600 people signed up for accounts with over 550 on the forum.   

Most of the action takes place on our forum, but I wanted to put up a blog post for those who might have seen our logo on Brian Ebersole's shorts and are visiting the site for the first time.    Be sure to browse our product pages for cards of your favorite fighter, as we have hundreds of cards listed by our top notch members.   

Be sure to check out our blog where videos of our Group Breaks have been posted as well as previous fighters we have sponsored in the past such as Josh Neer, Jeremy Stephens, and Nate Quarry.    Although we are a free site, we still desire to support the fighters and we hope to continue to Group Sponsor fighters in the future.


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