The First BUYMMACARDS shirt surfaces

April 24, 2010 - 9:05 PM

The First shirt surfaces at UFN 20

Buymmacards member, "MistaSniffles", was the first to sport our new shirts.   And what better place to show it off than at a Live, UFC event.   MistaSniffles designed our new shirts that are being printed this week, and he was able to get one printed himself in time for UFN 20.   He has also donated his time to design our banner on the homepage and a future coozie to keep our beverages cold.   MistaSniffles is just one of the many examples of the members on this site who love this sport and are passionate about our little community of MMA collecting enthusiasts.   He and others have donated their talents and time to make this a better place.   Look for our shirts to be posted soon.   They will be $20 shipped.  

Big thanks to MistaSniffles!

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