Stacked Cards April 12th 2010

April 12, 2010 - 7:29 PM

Answers to the Questions about the Answer’s Questionable Victory

            The Abu Dhabi UFC card from this weekend failed to deliver on the tremendous amount of hype leading up to it.  Anderson Silva seemed to have an in-ring nervous breakdown.  Matt Hughes and Renzo Gracie set the table with a snoozer.  In the middle came a close, though not particularly exciting, fight that resulted in Frankie “The Answer” Edgar taking the lightweight title away from BJ Penn.  The biggest storyline coming out of the entire fight card may have been the judging from this fight.  In short, the victory by The Answer has led to more questions than, well, answers.  Here’s a few of the questions and  my take on them:

Question:  Did BJ get robbed?

Answer:  No.  Ricco Rodriguez got robbed.  BJ was simply on the bad side of a close decision.  The concern coming out of this fight is not that Frankie Edgar was the winner, but that one judge scored it 5 rounds to 0.  The scoring reminded me of an old Pride fight where the winner was based more on effort than success.

Question:  Will Frankie Edgar replace Georges St. Pierre as the MMA trading card king?

Answer:  No.  Matt Hughes was likely the first MMA fighter to make the assertion that you aren’t a champion until you defend your belt.  Edgar's Cards will undoubtedly see a big short-term bump in interest and value.  If a rematch with Penn is next on the horizon, he may find a similar fate to Matt Serra.  If you get an overwhelming offer on a Frankie Edgar card right now, take it.

Question:  Is BJ Penn going to be the new CB Dolloway of the collectible world?

Answer:  No.  For one thing, Penn did not sign a billion autographs like so many others have.  For another, Penn will have two things going for him in a rematch with Edgar:  Health and motivation.  These two things make Penn an even scarier fighter than usual.

Question:  Is an immediate rematch necessary?

Answer:  A rematch is certainly in order.  That does not mean that it will happen.  Coming into this fight there was an overwhelming feeling that Penn had cleaned out the division.  His losing seemingly reopens the division.  Fighters like Kenny Florian, Diego Sanchez, and others now have opportunities that were not there when Penn ruled the division.  Don’t be surprised if the UFC denies Penn his immediate rematch in a move to help re-energize the division.

Question:  Does this loss derail Penn’s plans to move back up to 170lbs?

Answer:  Maybe not.  Even without the 155lb belt, Penn has the skills to be a viable welterweight.  Add to that the fact that most of the potential fights at lightweight would be rematches, and you have the recipe for a weight increase.  BJ Penn at welterweight makes 2 divisions substantially more interesting.



Card Watch:  Dan Henderson

                It may be hard to imagine that leaving the premiere organization in the MMA world would help to raise a fighter’s profile, but that may be the case for Dan Henderson after this coming weekend.  The wrestling-based fighter has fought all over the world against arguably the greatest list of names in an MMA career.  He holds dramatic knock-out victories on the highest profile cards in the history of Pride and the UFC.  Now, he will be the biggest name on a card being broadcast on CBS.  This kind of exposure may be the most important in Henderson’s career.  

                More important to Stacked Cards is the effect that this exposure will have on his trading cards.   The Topps UFC 2009 blue autograph card of Henderson was already one of the most sought after cards in the MMA world.  If Hollywood can add another highlight reel finish on the big stage of a national network broadcast, the interest in his biggest auto will likely skyrocket.  This Saturday’s fight will also serve to put a submission loss to Anderson Silva that much further in the rear-view mirror.  MMA trading cards are an arena where fan opinion matters more than actual abilities.  Henderson has before him the opportunity to put himself in the highest levels of trading cards with a fight that matters little to top ten ranking lists.  Can he seize the opportunity?  Keep your eyes open.



The Stanley Cup playoffs are just around the bend.  Stacked Cards wishes happy holidays to all of the Canadian members of BMMAC, and all Canadiens fans everywhere.


by J. Alexander

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