Is the Hot pack Hot Hot Hot?

March 13, 2010 - 12:46 AM

I have been against "Hot Packs" ever since a friend of mine bought a couple for around $50 and they were resealed with Josh Burkman autographs.    Now with the new retail side of things, I can no longer combat every new MMA hot pack that hits the market.   Therefore, I thought I'd start a new series "Is the Hot Pack HOT HOT HOT? or Cold?  

I will periodically buy a random Hot Pack from different Ebay sellers, open the pack on video, reveal their ebay ID, and let the results speak for themselves.   In our first Hot Pack, I bought a couple retail packs for around $16.50 shipped each.   I did not experience any tampering, but I sure did not get $16.50 worth of cards.    Here is my video.  


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