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March 9, 2010 - 7:26 PM

Stacked Cards for the week of March 8, 2010

By J. Alexander

Welcome to the first installment of a weekly blog dedicated to MMA trading cards.  You can expect to see informed discussions on all the latest trends in MMA collectibles, as well as, some opinions sure to incite debate. 


Main Event:  The First Two Weeks 


Topps’ third series of UFC trading cards, titled Main Event, has been live for two weeks now, and the reactions of collectors and fans are starting to arrive.  Beckett gave Main Event a kind treatment.  Tracy Hackler referred to the card’s design as “attractive, stunning, historic, and revolutionary.”  Another positive review came from (graded the product with an A).  It would seem that the traditional trading card outlets were impressed by the looks and originality of Main Event.   The fact that there were 5 hits per box didn’t hurt either, as most other releases boast only 1 or 2. 

The collectors and buyers have had somewhat less enthusiastic receptions for the new series.  After groaning for months about the quick turn-around from UFC 09, many of us at have been less than impressed with Main Event.  The look of the base cards left many people’s eyes hurting.  The Olde English font has been called cheesy, over-the-top, and hard to read.  The cage relics have been described as looking like something from Home Depot.  Sales results on ebay and other online outlets have reflected this lack of enthusiasm from collectors.  Prices are down across the board, but the rarest cards are selling well below what their counterparts from UFC 09 were selling for during the first weeks of its release.  Many of the hits from Main Event are already being sold for $.99 while the same relics from Round 1 and 09 are seeing a jump in their selling prices. 

The coming weeks will be very telling as to the long-term potential of Main Event.  New inserts and limited parallels may help keep product alive and kicking.  Keep your eyes open.



Rising Stars to Carry Versus Debut for UFC

Jon “Bones” Jones and Junior Dos Santos are two of the UFC’s fastest rising stars, and their trading cards are following suit.  The future of both the fighters and their cards will be on the line at a pivotal UFC show coming up this month.

The Topps UFC 09  Jon Jones Blue Auto was featured in the February issue of Beckett Magazine as the #1 hot card in MMA.  His Ultimate Gear from 09 and M.E. are consistently among the most sought after of their type.  Jones will be facing the toughest test of his career in Brandon Vera on March 21.  The bout will be the headliner of the first UFC show on Versus.  Clearly the UFC knows the star power that “Bones” possesses as they have tabbed him to carry their flag into uncharted waters.  This puts Jones in the company of Liddell, Belfort, Couture, Shamrock, and Franklin as fighters selected to represent the UFC to potential new audiences.  A strong performance could mean a spike in interest in his collectibles. 

Joining Jones/Vera at the top of the UFC on Versus 1 card is a bout featuring Junior Dos Santos against former title contender Gabriel Gonzaga.  Dos Santos made his Topps UFC debut in Main Event, and was added to 09 as a replacement for a Michael Bisping redemption.  Many UFC fans and card collectors were eagerly anticipating seeing JDS included in a Topps UFC series.  His cards have done well in the secondary market, so far.  A win against Gonzaga would not only put him in line for a title shot, but certainly increase the frenzy already forming around Junior.  Will these rising UFC stars continue their ascent?  Keep your eyes open.



Stacked Cards Price Check

Each week, I will be considering the hypothetical value of a few cards submitted to the BMMAC forum under the “Member Price Guide” section.  If you would like to have one of your cards considered, post it there with a picture and you might see it featured here.  The members on this site watch the market closely and can provide a very accurate estimation, as they are the ones buying and selling these.   More voices are better than one when it comes to finding an accurate estimation for the value of cards.    Follow the link, post a card, and you will be suprised at the quick market analysis from the guys who watch, buy, and sell MMA trading cards.    

See you next week, and KYEO!


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